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Born: Omaha, NE

Childhood Days: Danville, CA

College: University of Arizona, GO CATS!!!

Currently Reside: Reno, NV

Triathlon Coach:  Cliff English

First Triathlon: 2002, Spring Sprint in Mission Bay, CA. I wore my husband's too big surfing wetsuit, and rode a mountain bike with no clips. Somehow I managed to win my age group.

Favorite Triathlon: Hawaii Ironman World Championship

15 things you don’t know about me

1- I give everything and everyone a nickname. Chip=Schmoopy (Seinfeld youtube), Luke=Gilly Man, Emma=Toot, Bella=Kiki, Mom=Loretta Larue, Dad=DJ, Megan=Cha Cha Jen=Biggie, In-laws=Grammy & Boppo

2- Every year after Ironman Kona I wrap up my big toenail that falls off and give it to my sister for Christmas. She also has no big toenail.

3- I love to take scolding hot soaks in the tub.

4- I am so obsessed with staying ahead of laundry, sometimes I’ll ask Chip if I can wash the clothes he is currently wearing…

5- My order at Starbucks is: Grande Nonfat no foam Green Tea Latte with extra 2 extra scoops matcha

6- I really hate to put on/wear makeup.

7- I have an obsession with finding the world’s most perfect unspoiled beach, so far it’s an unnamed beach on the southwest shore of San Salvador, Bahamas.

8- I used the book Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child “to teach my kids to be good sleepers” at around 5-6 months. And it is still working.

9- When I am alone biking or running I always call out and say hello to the horses and cows.

10- I have huge fears about coming in contact with miscellaneous Band-Aids in indoor pools.

11- When I was little I never wanted to bathe or wash my hair, so my mom had all my hair chopped off so I looked like a tomato.

12 -I am a strong supporter of Breast Cancer Awareness. My mom is a stage 3 breast cancer survivor.

13- I can’t remember the last time I went to the hairdresser. To save time I normally just cut it myself.

14- I am scarred for life from when I was younger and my mom sent me to a dress up birthday party as Pee Wee Herman.

15- My favorite movies off all time: Rocky IV, Gladiator, Face-Off, Nadia. 

When I'm not swimming, biking, or running... I get inspired by teaching spinning class with the most fun and motivated group of people at Montreux Golf and Country Club (ok, I guess that is technically biking, sorry!) I love the four seasons we get in Reno...summers at the pool, fishing & hiking, football in the fall (GO CHARGERS!!), playing in the snow and skiing in the winter, and well I guess I only love three seasons, springtime in Reno can be brutal! And mostly I love spending time, especially outdoors, with my beautiful 5 year old daughter, my studly 7 year old son, and my incredible husband, Chip. Without the tremendous amount of support he provides I would not be able to pursue my dream as a Professional Triathlete.

2017 Highlights:

 - 1st Place Ironman 70.3 Santa Cruz

 - 1st Place Ironman Chattanooga

 - Top 10 at Ironman World Championship

Professional Triathlete